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Select the brand and model of your 4WD vehicle and view the corresponding parts.


The skid-plates are also called underbody protection, bash-plates, aluminium guard,… Their main function is the protection of mechanical components; N4 Offroad-like introduce additional criteria for their design as:
- Optimize off-road capacity the vehicle crossing.
- Facilitate fitting without modify the vehicle or to use the tools too specific.
Thus, our coverage:
- Do not include helpful holes but need special cooling or need access to frequent maintenance to allow the effect of sliding over obstacles.
- Always come with mounting kit includes all components required to install (mounting brackets, screws, schema and multilingual instructions).
- Marry the best shape of the chassis and mechanical organs to rest on strong anchors while optimizing the characteristic angles off-road.
- Present a curved rear edge won’t fill or catch when backing up.
- Are fixed with flat-head screws and locknuts flush whenever possible or necessary.
- Do not present any sharp edges to avoid injury during handling, installation or operation on the vehicle.

Our plates are in 5083 aluminum provides increased resistance to deformation but also corrosion. Depending on their function, their position, their application, these sheets are 8 ; 6 or 5mm thickness.
The main functions / positions:

Front Skid-plates:

They facilitate the collision obstacle and facilitate crossing by the gliding effect and their progressive inclinations.

- For vehicles with rigid axle, they protect the organs located between the bumper and the axle housing (steering rod, panhard rod, differential housing, …)
- For vehicles with independent front suspension (IFS), they protect all organs between the front bumper and the rear of the engine subframe and steering rack.
- In general, they allow the engine oil change and oil filter replacement without disassembly.
They are made of 8mm aluminum except for some SUV.

Gear boxes and transfer cases skid-plates:

When obstacle including bump or dune, the vehicle may be stop more or less gently "belly" and as is often the transfer case that is the position, it is highly useful to protect.

Our alu plate protection for box and case can appear in one or two parts: protection of gearboxes and transfer a single plate or an independent protection for both. These cover plates are the minimum orifice and edge possible to ease the effect of slip for the crossing.

The gearboxes are less vulnerable to shocks. Our guards protect projections but also ensure continuity in the gliding effect between the front skid-plate and transfer case skid-plate.

Transfer case skid-plate is made ​​of 8mm aluminum to withstand the weight of the machine with the minimum of distortion while the gearbox plate is usually 6mm thickness.